Thursday, December 31, 2009

to a new decade

31 dec 2009

end of a decade. this has been an eventful decade for us all. we have been through trials and tribulations and we have managed to survive them- most of them, which will linger around to haunt us. to me this decade has been quite a learning experience. firstly because, this was the decade where i could perceive and question. the core of my influence took shape in this decade where i had the privilege of interacting with many people with different perspectives.

this was the decade where boys became men, ready to take on the future, head on. the transition wasn't easy, no transition is. it will take further 25 years for the next transition and this will be a tumultuous period marked by confusion, precision decision making and exorbitant amount of stress.

this decade found us at the cusp of our careers, and the next decade; at the zenith. and with that i raise a toast.

to exciting times,


Sunday, December 13, 2009


did you know that the reason why your hair loss is so pronounced is because your hair follicles are split at the ends and that because you have dried hair and because you dont play a banjo at full moon or some other ridiculous reason here.

i was channel surfing on the tv( after a long long time) when i caught some commercials / advertisements. so finally they say, they have identified the cause for hair loss and the cause for fighting cavities, or why your skin goes black under the sun and what you can do to prevent it.

and they did that 5 years ago and if my memory serves me well the same spf (whatever that means) 15 sun screen lotions 10 years ago and yet they convince us today that they have revolutionized their products and the way we think about our body and our failings to keep it in the way we should not the way we want.

enough said.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

perseverance, who has it ? hats off

Saturday, December 05, 2009

dekha hai aise bhi

re-post but worth it

Dekha hai aise bhi kisi ko aise hi
Apne bhi dil mein basaaye huye kuch iraade hain
Dil ke kisi koney mein kuch aise vaade hain
Inko liye jab hum chaley nazaare bhi humse miley

Dekha hai aise bhi, kisi ko aise hi
Dil ke jharokon mein ab bhi mohabbat ke saaye hain
Reh jaaye jo baad mein bhi hamaare wafaayein hain
Inke liye ab tak chalein, hazaaron mein hum bhi mile


looking through the window,
i gaze at a girl,
with skin so white,
and cheeks with hue

a passing glance she throws,
an eternity goes by,
as if a spell cast by her alluring eyes?

with the bewitching smile, the angelic voice
and the mischievous eyes
she asked,
Shall we dance,
dance the night away?

and we danced, danced under the moon light.

an unfamiliar touch,
an unexpected shrug,
jostled me back to my senses.

alas, the girl was ethereal,
a concot of my desires
i walked to my abode,
in a drunken stupor

hallelujah! who were to tread upon the same path as me
my muse,
in a joyful glee,
gathering the remnants of my sobriety
i approach to her

i approach to her
with a thought
a motive
of a rendezvous

i recall asking her
for a rendezvous
whilst i awaited her reply
it seemed eternity passed by
and still i await for her reply
for the rendezvous...
or was this a ethereal yet again?

How about a cup of coffee?

The aroma that filled the air was inviting
The flavor enriching
The taste full filling.

As the vapor danced with the air,
I noticed the table was sad,
Inquired I,
Why was it sad?
Said the table,
"Alas! there be a room for one more"
"And there be no one to sit"
I thought to myself,
I must be wasted,
The coffee must be spiked,
For I am talking to a table,
And the table to me,

Assured I, to the table,
That I would make it happy.
Absurd as it may sound,
Would you help me make the table happy?

The aroma is inviting,
The flavor is enriching,
The taste is full filling,
And the coffee is wonderful.

And maybe then,
I could recite to you,
A poem or two,
Or may be not,
Its all upto you.

You have my number,
You have my mail,
Can I have yours?
So that I can ask you yet again,
Would you help me make the table happy?

Friday, December 04, 2009

Life's weird.....

Isnt it weird that the people you wanna talk to arent really that interested in you, and the people whom you’re not that interested in wanna talk to you all the time….. I guess both mean the same thing dont they?

Original credit to: Just a kid :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

hypocrisy at its best

the problem with us indians is very few have a vision to move forward or change something that is stagnant, something for which there is a huge societal contempt. despite such hurdles, mental and physical, these visionaries survive and stride to see success and once they do, the very same society that held contempt for the vision and the visionary, suddenly label it and the doer as one of their own and don't fall short of claiming the delirious belief they shared of the vision and the visionary.

hypocrisy at its best!