Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my life.....a soap opera II

so well, i thought a second part would come up.

recap (with the crazy camera angles and arresting(? is that the right word?) music):

i was to get a job offer / a decisive career changing opportunity as foretold by astrologers, whom my mother had consulted. i was also awaiting the final decision on the extension.

intro music (some crap music with images of past episodes)

adverts (close up, vip underwear, 501 detergent tikia, rupa's thermocot etc etc)


ep II:

as i eagerly awaited the final decision and was ready to pack my bags for a visit to india, i don't hear back from my supervisor. knowing that the week following was christmas, i lost hope of getting the offer letter that week.

on jan 2 /3, i shoot a mail again to my supervisor ( wishing him happy new year and sorts, kinda buttering him up) and then ask him about the status, for which he regretfully informs me that the evil financial controller had rejected the whole proposal. i had prepared myself for this, so it didn't come to me as a shock. only a little resentment, but couple of donuts made me got over it.

this severed my spending capacity (another blow to the american economy).

by the way, in the last month i made 3 trips to san jose! :P one with a visit to a haunted hotel (more on that later).

so i wondered, how is my life not going to be the same mundane routine, as i had nothing to do. surprise suprise i started giving interviews to the university paper on an application that i had made and a tv interview as well on the same topic.

this seemed a welcoming change.

so as i await any further development in my career, i sit on my bed ( which is nice and comfy), with thoughts about someone, guitar, music etc. lingering. they keep me active.

and i am blossoming into a fine cook (i am surprised as you are!)

until there is another episode,


Monday, January 12, 2009

keep them funny speeches comin

with all due respect, i sometimes believe that the team that writes speeches for george bush is from the democratic party OR george bush is plain stupid to be vocal about his thoughts rather than just sticking to the script!


spare change

how do you pass a judgment on, when you see a person in his/her mid 30-40s asking for alms on the street, whether to part with some spare change or refrain from it?

this question has been poking me around for quite sometime now.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

free will

lets get on a topic that has been hotly debated.

is there such a thing called free will? as always you will find people from both sides of the camp.

in my opinion free will doesn't exist. it is analogous to the observations of a third party in an event or simply put, to the participant an action might seem random, but for an observer unaffected by the system of the experiment, the actions would be deterministic (chaos theory?)

my stand comes from the fact that our understanding of a state is causally ordered. and because of the dependence relationship, it is deterministic.

for e.g.:

you are reading this article. i didn't coerce you to read this article. it was you who chose to read this article (thus exhibiting free will). now lets make some assumptions. lets assume there is a guy named Fred who was created right after the universe was and is omnipotent, he knows all. thus he knows that you are reading this article because that is a fact. you are reading this article because you were led to it from somewhere. your actions were based on a certain influences (which is the cause). and if you walk back this causal chain, you eventually reach the start of the universe.

obviously there is no such guy named Fred, so the question remains, if you actually came here by your own volition or was it pre-determined? if you reason that if you had chosen not to read this article, what then? then the proposition that you read this article is a fallacy and hence would not exist in the causal chain.

along this line of thought, can this be associated to fate?

fate / destiny is commonly attributed to something that is laid out for you, in the shadows, revealing itself only when necessary. this is similar to the above discussion in that no matter how independently you think you are doing, you actually are working like a cog in a machinery.

so now i ask you, is there such a thing/concept of free will?