Wednesday, July 26, 2006

whats in a name?

this is a famous quote by shakespeare as all know.

he would have been right during his times,but these days,name is everything.

a docile guy with no talent but job is considered to be intelligent than a guy with brains but no job,they assume!what good is a man without brains?

a growing tendency today is to possess talent that will materialize into lucrative,they say.well then we shouldnt define it as talent then for it is pursued not for the joy but with a purpose!!!

one needs a job to talk eye to eye with the other,they say!bah!!!what absurdity! just so to give an equally befitting reply you need a job,talent is down the drains ,they say. personal thoughts ,desires ,achievements, etc. are of no value until you have job ,they say. you are looked down ,they say.

do what the crowd does,if you do something different you will get royally screwed,they say!dish out your creativity and join the zombie workforce,they imply!

well they say a lot of things.....

Saturday, July 22, 2006

***** hotels

there are times when you yearn to go to a five star hotels just to taste the much talked about ambience,hospitality, and food(i really dont know about if this is talked about or not) and fortunately my prayers were answered today on July 22 2006.

there is a common notion that the food at hotels is inversely proportional to the type of hotel ,i will second that to a very large extent excluding the really dilapidated hotels.

to begin with we certainly werent dressed for a five star hotel(people judge by the way you look they say) and we were a bit wet owing to the of my friends mom ridiculed ,do come back home for food,i will make some ,in case they throw you out. hehe....

anyway...we marched to the doors of taj ummed,where we were questioned by the guard(who by the way speaks english and commanding at that,this is where perhaps you begin to realise that you are going to some place grand!) of our motives and we enlightened him with the details. he guided us to the place. i couldnt fail to notice the texture ,the colours etc. of the room was elegant ,in the sense it was pleasing.

we were led to jacaranda(which happens to be a flower!we had asked that guy about it). the murals on the walls ,the artwork depicted an oriental presence(with chinese art taking the lion share) in the jacaranda but ironical to the fact that we were served punjabi food!!!

these people have everything in style. the desserts etc was laid on ice,yes ice. and the waiters here are trained to be mindreaders,literally!!!

they had lasagnia which they had run out off and the maitre de assured me that he would get it and made a run of the kitchen. in the meantime i pampered myself with other delicacies and upon returning to lasagnia ,i found that it still hadnt arrived from the kitchen. so i said to myself i shall have it later. i was relating this to a friend of mine and no sooner had i finished recounting my tale , a sizeable cup with lasagnia was produced before me.i was agape!!!honestly agape and was certain that the waiter hadnt heard a word i was saying as people beside me couldnt.

after dinner,i rushed for desserts where there was this narrow cyclindrical cup with mango souffle. after reaching my seat did i realise that i needed a smaller spoon to fit inside the cylindrical on.the waiter produced one for me.the same guy! i was open mouthed !

on 2 counts ,i neither signalled the waiter nor said it loudly for the waiter to hear to my needs, yet i was pleased with my wants. perhaps this is where the money is worth. they charge us to pay off the mind reading classes. on the whole the food was ok, i wouldnt mind going to some other hotel and get the same type of food but the experience was fun as this was my first time there and i really dont know when the next time will be.

p.s.:they have a shoe shiner outside the restroom.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

dreams,illusions and you

life is always chequered. people sometimes feel a certain void which has sprung up for no inexplicable reason. how do they deal with it?

i cant comment on how others deal with it as i cannot pore into others' soul and ask around but what i can do is tell you something that happened to me. back in the college days i was totally a carefree person, hardly bothering about my academics as i thought i was better off without them. did i pay a price there? its too early to speculate but i have a gut feeling that i made the right choice ,whatever it may be,i dont know why but i do!

the general trend that one can see is :

12 standard (science) -> engineering -> job / higher studies.

i have completed dutifully the first two steps and am eagerly waiting for completing the third. but i was aghast to notice that people who pursued engineering where merely doing it for the sake of it ,not because of a fire in their stomachs. i found it really surprsing when the whole class had a liking to the one particular subject(which one would have never heard of and certainly oblivious of its implications in the industry or wherever) every semester as though ,this was their ulterior motive to pursue engineering and this liking seemed to fade with the final exams making room for a new fad. they were shallow in their interests and thoughts. the only motive that fired them was money.

end of the final semester and i saw my peers scurrying for jobs and not getting one would be considered as a blasphemy and it was only seen as a blotch in your career and as though thou art are doomed! and then there is this clan of students who are rigously preparing for their higher studies. i asked around and was constantly stunned by the same reply,they want their future to be secure! i argued that you can secure it with the degree you have in your hand but they didnt see the meaning of this statement for if at all their purpose is to be secure an undergraduate degree can also take you there. and when asked which field do you want to major in ,i was given equally vague answers. i was talking to people who were known to "score" marks and considered to be efficient in their methods but then again i came from a varsity which didnt deserve any boasting.

one of my friends remarked that i have a knack of i potray everything that my peers at college are not. i am a total contrast to them. i have no job neither am i yearn for it, for i feel , jobs like theirs deserve no merit . anybody can accomplish it. i am not a poseur going around boasting of my knowledge . i do yearn for a higher studies. i intend to pursue it because i want to comphrehend the intricacies of a certain field. the effort put in that field and how it has affected the human life and mind you IT HAS!!! i certainly dont wish to pursue it with the idea of earning big bucks. sure i too yearn for money but i also put my passion as a criteria as well. in my college days i would have settled for a job (i had resigned from studies as i didnt enjoy the company of poseurs,though i had a very charming company of people who strived for something different from the rest, who had an unconditional love for a subject regardless of the semester,which was what kept me alive,seriously!!!),now after my internship i felt this is not my life.slogging over crap and also getting yelled at for nothing. no i didnt deserve a wee bit of this. my interests were vested in research ,thats where you come up with something seminal,something that makes you proud of. and to research ,i had to look at higher studies. i am fueled by passion.i will not compromise my dreams at any cost.

forward 3 months after graduation.the situtation is still the same, i am unemployed and i have dreams of graduating in computer security. i am made to understand my errors of the past and that i should have followed the path that my peers did . i honestly fail to see the reason . explaining them my point of view seems to be futile. i just am not them and i cant be them. they are scary!

i am home alone while i draft this and perhaps i am a bit bitter with my experiences but i am remarked to be man with defiance in the blood so i cant stop ,i have to surge on till i find my grail, i seek for so sorely. with pink floyds comfortably numb crooning in the background i feel in terms with a bliss that can be only felt and no words can be competent enough to describe.

this is what gives me hope:

A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.

-Pink Floyd

if anybody feels that he/she has been flamed,then my deepest apologies,i think i was omnious when i was typing this. and i am not boasting!!!i wanted to type more,but not interested!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


imagine you are a character who has been influenced by the events in the morning and you choices make you crash into some other character which causes him to get aggravated,setting of a viscious circle, with each person oblivious of the crucial part he was playing to form that circle and but in the end the circle is complete to perfectness.

you meet a whole lot of people everyday and they then influence your actions along the day.

for eg.: one night you are a bit tipsy and the cop pulls you over and he molests you, but you belonging to the minority community and the rascism hasnt died down and you dont protest fearing for the worst.this has obviously caused a severe emotional setback. and you need to vent it out of the system but your means are very limited.the partner of the cop though is severely ashamed and demands for a new partner or a new police car.the cop got a new car the next morning.

a group of two has just stolen a car ,a classly car. they enter the car and escape from the scene. one of the guy is superstitious and so places a small idol on the dashboard. while they are engrossed in a discussion they run over a chinese guy who was keying the door of his van.he is trapped under the car and is badly bruised and they dump him at the hospital(the keys stay intact on the lock). and then they make arrangements to sell that car. the next morning they are on the streets again for another steal. keeping in mind that they are blacks, they dont intend to rob from the fellow black man. but the driver is a black whose spouse was molested by a cop the last night. the driver is no longer subdued and though the assilants weild guns ,he is not afraid ,simply because he is pissed off for his earlier subjugation. he counterattacks them ,thereby causing the police to see the brawl. the supersitious one escapes by foot ,while the other accomplice boards the car with the driver still in his place and driving around till he decides to stop.

when the cop sees the person he realizes that the person is the guy from yesterday night and he is disturbed, the cop requests the sqaudron to lower their arms and lets the man go . the man also doesnt reveal the assailant sitting in the car. This changed the assailant's heart.

a father has some medical insurance and he is suffering from a very painful disease.the son is fighting tooth and nail for seeing a doctor outside the insurance circle and wants it to be covered by them ,which they dont comply to and the son is very frustrated as he cant see his father suffer who had given a lot to the society.the son happened to be the cop who molested.

you are a detective with a good looking partner of the opposite sex for a long time . you are ravishing her and suddenly you get a call from your mother who asks you to look for his younger brother as it is late night. you dismiss her by saying that you are ravishing a woman.

owing to the severe mental distress caused last night the person couldnt hold the stress inside any longer and receiving no help from the spouse , she goes way over your head and be a part of a deadly accident and her car has capsized. the same cop who had molested her the last night now plays the role of the rescuer ,risking his life .though she is hesitant at first , since she doesnt have a choice she is helped by him . she is certainly taken aback.

the assailants of the car have now splitted ways owing to the brawl earlier . the superstitious one now decides to go home and it is pretty late in the night. he manages to get hitched and then starts laughing softly. with the driver being white and the other being black,the driver is alarmed as to why he was laughing.upon asking he said it was nothing and due to the tarnished image the blacks hold in the society(not their fault) , the white asserts and parks the car onto the side of the road and asks the person to disembark. the black said it was no big deal,he wasnt laughing at him. the driver though wouldnt have any of it. the black then got excited a bit and asked if he wants to know what he laughing at and reaches for the pocket.fearing for the worst,the driver draws his gun out and shoots the black only to reveal that the black was showing an idol ,similar to the one on the dashboard. the guy who shot him was the cop who had got the new car in the morning .the body was dumped near to the highway.

the wife of the chinese guy is asked by her husband to encash a cheque as soon as possible.she makes her way to the car.

the assailant (the one with a change of heart) remembers that the car keys are intact.he takes the car and wants to sell it. he goes to the garage and upon searching up the van ,he finds captive slaves who were going to be sold. he refuses to sell the car and drops them all off at some place,parting them with some money. he then boards a bus reflecting upon the events that happened to him today.

feeling remorseful ,the detective sets out to find his brother out .the detective and his partner are involved in an minor accident which was actually a chain.a chinese woman had bumped into thier car as the chinese had seen the brake lights pretty late.there was a chain reaction of an accident caused way ahead on the road. and a crime scene was near by.during a crime scene investigation the detective's worst fears are answered. he finds his brother dumped in the grasses next to the highway.if it were for the detective he would be breathing now.

these stories ascribe the qualities of a fatist.
and as you can clearly outline, each one had made choices depending upon their situation and it has affected others sorely.

and if you were charmed by the stories above, i would suggest you to watch the movie crash and you will find it quite similar.

It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

european union-par exellence

throughout the history , man has sought means to attain peace for his realm.

and one of his tactics was to form factions. so now a group protected the vested interests of the domain till a more powerful faction came along.wars ,bloody battles ,famous ones at that, were fought and domains claimed! and the peace restored till the next aggressor came along.

fast forward to the 20th century.nothing different here.wars are still fought,domains however arent so easily claimed.with the "space age" communication techniques as compared to the era before people were even aware of gravity, everyone was aware of everything.

now cliques were formed.the united nations was setup to administer parameters that affected world peace. with the two world wars behind them , the countries yearned for world peace,which had a chequered success.

what the world then noticed was the formation of the european union in 1992.a group of countries in the european continent with a common policies to a very large extent.

it is very surprising to see admist the 26 countries ,there has been very little feud ,if at all, since its inception.

one of the bold moves was to have a common visa is valid for many different countries.second was absolutely staggering.common currency for the european continent.this idea was pulled off very successfully.

having a common currency amongst a group of nations is staggering.the economy ,the market of all the countries ,who happened to have different economies , didnt react virulently at all to the introduction of euro,instead it was welcomed. for the economically well off countries this should have been the greatest concern as their currency now is being devalued!but the plan was executed successfully and the euro is looking very strong.

how were these events possible?that too with astounding success. european lands have spectated many a gruesome battles.the two world wars was the final straw. every european country was in a ramshackle. and nobody had a liking for such distasteful events. to ensure that it doesnt happen again and to ensure that the countries help each other out,they pledged to be united and have no differences amongst them. this required extremely tolerance because europe was run over by scores of people with different ethnic backgrounds. yet the feeling was strong and look at where they are now today.renowned and prosperous!

it has really taken a good deal of perseverence of the europeans to pull of such a feat.i guess there is some lesson to be learnt for the factions of the other countries. its very evident. european union stands as a paragon for unity,tolerance,prosperity.they have literally dissolved their boundaries,while back in india ,politics are meant for drawing lines over the states till everyone of them is satisfied with what he/she has got. prosperity is their last concern ,having their votebanks full is their motto.

if only the cliques all over were to follow this novel example, then i guess we would have a better place to live. and the dream of john lennon for one would have been fulfilled.

....and they say i am a dreamer,but i am not the only one.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

cricket=indian sports - rest of the sports

sports has been one activity that has been pursued fervently as old as human civilization.though they have taken up different forms ,they have evoked anguish and elation amongst one and all.this post however relates to the anguish facet of the sport realm. and i am not refering to the anguish caused by defeat .no .that is a part and parcel of the game.

inarguably the most favourite sport of india has to be cricket,to the extent that one of my peers with astounding surety said that cricket was the national sport of india.i would not be surprised if the lot of people would name this as the national sport,whereas the actual national sport,which by the way happens to be hockey ,is in a dilapidated condition.

if you were to represent india in terms of sport ,it would fall short in any of the athletics or sport but shine in cricket.and those who have the talent and will to pursue other sports have to face deaf ears ,barren stadiums.

anju bobby george,for the lot of you she happens to be a very accomplished long jumper who has brougth many laurels to the country ,complains of the lack of facilities,sponorship.they have asked SAI(Sports Authority of India) but in vain.So she has to fund herself .Due to the lack of facilities and funds a brilliant talent is going to waste,whereas cricket on the other hand has been given undue weightage.

only recently has the awareness for other sports risen and yet India lacks facilities for sports.i was watching a show on MTV(which actually has inspired me to pen this) which had a panel of prominent indian sportsmen but strangers for india.they severely criticized for the lack of facilities.

anju bobby george,harshvardhan rathod(the person who won us the olympic bronze), and the suit demanded facilities their peers from other nations had and their demands fell to deaf ears.

lack of sponsors is the main reason that is causing the sportsmen to plumb to a new depth.

if you look at china,it bags a sizeable amount of medals in the olympics and rules in the domain of table tennis badminton. one from the audience of the show in MTV commented that the scenario here is more towards studies.he said and i quote,"In England the parents would ask you to go the football academy if you have a talent ,why study,you can study later,for now practice,play".The scenario here is in pure contrast.another quoted that the Mumbai Municipality(correct me if i am wrong for the name) has even introduced a quota system here that there should be atleast 50% maharashtrians!!! quite absurd dont you think?

india has done very little for atheltics for any sport other than CRICKET.the last time we had won a gold in olympics was in hockey 50-60 years ago.we were revered we are just pedestrians.the government agencies assure that the funds are on their way but they eventual fall in a pothole. talent then isnt respected at all,it is ignored. then a time will come when there will not be any talent at all.

india though is opening up for these talented sport atheletes but has to come a long way(for startes it hosted the afro asian games in hyderabad in 2003).it is certainly not a task that can be accomplished over night,but has to be deliberated and then put into action so that the atheletes can gain most of it .

my intentions are not of criticizing cricket for the undue attention,but for the lack of attention to other sports.

instead of squatting over the prescence of the national flag on the shirts of the cricketers,the authorities should indulge themselves in becoming aware of the needs of the atheletes and sate them.

A billion people , still one bronze medal at the Athens Olympics!!!

sigh. a sorry sight indeed!!