Wednesday, January 13, 2010


From Maximum City:

I missed saying bhenchod to people who understood it. It does not mean 'sister fucker'. That is too literal, too crude. It is, rather, punctuation, or emphasis, as innocuous a word as 'shit' or 'damn'. The different countries of India can be identified by the way each pronounces this word - from the Punjabi bhaenchod to the thin Bambaiyya pinchud to the Gujarati bhenchow to the Bhopali elaboration bhen-ka-lowda. Parsis use it all the time, grandmothers, five-year-olds, casually and without any discernible purpose except as filler: 'Here, bhenchod, get me a glass of water.' 'Arre, bhenchod, I went to the bhenchod bank today.'

Thursday, January 07, 2010

i have a theme in mind. i dont know how i am going to lay it out, but i think it is going to be nice!

watch out for this space


Saturday, January 02, 2010

to bone or not to bone

my cousin put forth a question: why do you want a girlfriend? ( for the record it was not a consequence to any discussion whatsoever)

after much ( or little) thought i concluded:

its our primal nature to group. so to put it in a rather crude manner, we ( both sexes) have that need to bone each other. but ladies have this habit of talking about a whole lot of shit and it can become a tad irritating for us blokes. in my opinion, the reason why we wait for that someone, is merely that we stand the conversation post-act. :-P