Friday, September 29, 2006

My experiences at the dental clinic

People say I talk a lot. Well this was one time I felt like keeping my mouth wide shut. Last week when I had gone to the dentist to fix myself an appointment for a regular clean up job, I enquired about my jaw structure to which she didnt bother replying and that was discouraging. She said that I have to get my teeth clean of the tartar or whatever,didnt make much sense to me.

So next week(i.e. today) I visited the dentist again. And the head dentist said,"Boyo you got yourself a cavity there." I said,"I already have four, I could certainly do without one!". He said "There was a cavity in the front tooth,the one you see when one smiles. " I was left with no choice and decided to go ahead with the cavity filling.

Thank God, they discovered anaesthesia!But ask Him why didnt they administer it to me! The drill the dentist used was the mother of all tooth drillers.I can still feel the vibrations. So now he bore a hole into my tooth. The way I felt it,he was mercilessly pounding the tooth, till he got what he desired and it didnt hurt him a wee bit to see me wriggle in pain,horrible, horrible pain. Now I had a peekhole in my front tooth.Imagine that!

Then I was taken to the regular drilling gig where the she-dentist was incharge to remove the useless deposits otherwise known as tartar and plaque. And she was no less brutal if not more than the he-dentist,with the only difference being that the driller was set to medium level. She was repeatedly asking me to widen my jaw and I was like ,"Yea right!". My gums bled and what not. Then she in accordance to the colour of my enamel, got the filling mixture ready and used some laser gun kinda thing to harden the filling. Now it looked spanking new as if there was no hole there!

The cleaning was done with a lot of bloodshed. During the entire operation, I was suprised to repeat to myself,"Pain is worship", "Pain is worship" ;I really had no idea why. And when there was pain,my body stiffened and thereafter I tried to relax by repeating "Pain is worship".

Before going to the dentist, I said to myself well this is just a routine operation and nothing would happen. I went in there with a strong will not to bow down to pain. But with the tools that the the dentist had put on his table, the sight itself pulverized my first line of defence. But "Pain is worship" and then after the entire job was done, I must admit the job was done perfectly. I could now see the glistening white teeth that were buried underneath the junk I ate so carelessly without bothering to clean my teeth,well I learnt my lesson.

I must warn you though, dentists are not for the weak hearted!

Au revoir

Monday, September 11, 2006

All men are equal, some…. Are more equal

While I still figure the title for this post, the reason for penning it stems after reading a well known book –Animal Farm by George Orwell.

The pyramid has been one of the frequently used geometric shapes used by historians to describe the distribution of power and the number of people privileged with that power.

Throughout history, there have been revolutions roused by the maltreatment of the junta by the power possessing tyrants and eventually the junta winning it and breathing freedom, well till until another revolution sparks off.

What I can’t seem to figure out is the time the plebeians take to realize the maltreatment by their “lords” and the reasons which compel them to take such a step.

From the way I see it, the horrendous acts were being perpetrated since decades and with the plebeians in majority, they would always stand to win, if they had mutinied. History says they did and only after some lapse of time (decades or hundreds of years after). Were they afraid of giving up something so precious that, the possession of it outweighed the brutality they had to face everyday, till one fine day when they realized that it mattered no more?

Perhaps they were afraid of death, the onslaught of soldiers or the treatment if they had failed in their motive. But what are the odds against a million commoners to a hundred thousand soldiers?

One other aspect that intrigued me was the type of government formed after the mutiny, and the factors influencing it. The Bolsheviks carried out the as per the doctrines of Karl Marx and thus lay the seeds of Communism. Then there is The Congress after the American Revolution which decided to go with the Federal form of governance. The Indian Congress Party opting for Democracy. Any government model will fail, if the power isn’t vested in the hands of the commoners, for the simple reason of them being in majority.

It seems I need to do some sleuthing. George Orwell has done a perfect job to convey an idea through Animal Farm.

Till we meet again,

Au revior.

Nightfall-Issac Asimov

Nightfall-Issac Asimov

A week now since I had last scribbled something. Surprisingly I have taken something sort of an addiction to books. That’s pretty much what I do at my workplace. And its fun.

Last week I had finished Nightfall by Issac Asimov. It more or less was a decent story but with banal descriptions of the surroundings after a calamity had befallen upon them, makes you shirk it.

Asimov has tried to describe the psyche of the inhabitants of a certain planet Kaglash, which has 6 suns and hence always bathed in their light, when they are left nothing with profound darkness.

The foundations of the plot are neatly laid and as one progresses to the descriptions after the holocaust, the repetitions of the disorientation of the civilians and the resulting rioting and destruction become unwelcomed. The story though ends abruptly. It’s like you are cruising and suddenly out of no where there is a brick wall in your path and you crash into it.

Like any other fiction story, Asimov has included scientific notations and postulates tailored to the planet of course.

A treat for a fiction fanatic!

I would give it 6/10.

Till we meet again 

Monday, September 04, 2006

media circus

it goes around by many names.the fourth estate for one.

it truly epitomizes the meaning of "the pen is mightier than the sword".although with times cliches need to change too. the adage quoted holds true even now but it could certainly use an updation.

of course i am refering to the media not the print media but the television media. both of them are involved in the same type of work, but what is different is how the information is disseminated amongst the masses and in todays world ,how quickly.

the dawn of the twenty first century ushered in a face lift in indian journalism.all of a sudden there is rush or craze if you may call it;to transmit the news to the people.and this was welcomed by the people initially.

but then everything suffers with time if not well kept. news was no other. in their mad rush to deliver the news, they ran out of quality. on a slow newsday you could see casters and reporters talking really jibberish and talking for the sake of it.

but that doesnt entirely summarize my point. the sole intention of penning this down(if one can call it penning) was roused after i had seen certain news reports.

media, as i have seen it is equivalent to a circus. the one who has enough material to dish out gets the limelight and fades away once he is done with it. i will present 2 instances which were equally contradictory which reveal the some of the many facets of media.

#1 -:-

the media was very successful in raising the nation's voice for the rape cases of the unfortuante victims and played a key role in opening its cases again,so that justice be served!

#2 -:-

recently india or should i say the world lost one of the finest exponents in classical music. Ustad Bismillah Khan. as usual the tv hounds were fast after his trail and started eulogizing a man whom they hadn't mentioned even once for his marvellous achievements. and he did deserve to be on television though he didnt crave for it(he was awarded the bharat ratna-india's highest civilan honour). they were delivering praising anecdotes but that lasted for that very day only. the next day they moved on as if nothing had happened.

well this was quite unfair. there was a man who had spent his life on an instrument and had enthralled an audience with his craft and all he got was a place in the media(i am refering to the tv news channels!) for about 8 hours or so,just so because he was no more.

quite unfair and absurd.

i guess our country doesnt have the knack to recognize and honour the magnificient talents.its a shame and our ill luck.

but the media does get some atleast enlightens the ignorants about such fine people,though at the time of their death.

thats media for you.

you want to avoid it,but you cannot ignore it!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

american gods -neil gaiman

the front page reads out as "Dark fantasy". i would second that.

anyway, its been a good read. the title itself suggests a saga in biblical proportions and the image of the book seems pretty out of place to befit the title "American Gods",but there had to be an image anyway,so what better than put an image showing what gods are good at, smiting and throwing lightening bolts at creatures/things far less powerful than themselves.

the story opens itself with the rivalry between the new age gods and the old forgotten gods, who seek to make their presence felt. this was materialized through the a battle between the two parties and the winner takes it all. shadow is the protagonist and is picked up by the All-Father, Odin/the Grimnir etc etc.... to act as an errand boy.

lots of stuff happen which merely builds up the plot and one such event which aggravated the old gods was the death of Odin. and then right before the battle, shadow the errand boy discovers that this was all the handiwork of Odin and Loki,the norse gods, to fill the reservoir of faith/sacrifice,which the gods(in general) feeded upon to survive and what better sacrfice would be to them (Odin and Loki)than the sacrifice of gods fighting for him,avenging his death.

so the protagonist steps in and enlightens them all of this fact and the battles stop. then and there. this perhaps was the sudden anticlimax which certainly i didnt expect. they stop and return back to their activities and the world is good again. shadow who has lost it all now seeks to start a new life somewhere afresh.

as Mr.Ibis says "That is the tale,rest is all detail."

as for the story,it was definitely novel, and had taken me by surprise with the turn of certain events,then again, its a story!

one thing i found amusing was the gods were depicted as normal human beings who dealt their emotions pretty much the way humans do, who dealt with the daily activities as humans do. so that is something different.

till we meet ,

au revior