Friday, January 27, 2006

waau waau waauuuuuuuuu

yesterday at iim a was the performance of strings and jal.

considering it was my first visit,i was excited to see them perform.

firstly a couple of my friends couldnt manage to get hold of the a friend and myself jumped from various outlets that sold the passes only to find out that they were sold out.even at iim.

this happened for about 45 mins and then we call up a guy at iim (no. was available freely) and he said passes are available,we rush to that place on a scooty ,with no horn or brakes.twas fun.

we finally manage to get the passes.and join my school friends.

jal started first with the song that made them famous -woh lamhe.and trust me ,they sucked.i wasnt the only one saying this.

the voice sucked,but the instruments were at par.they were doing a nice job.but somewhere they lacked professionalism.they couldnt manage to woo the crowd.and they had a weird accent with grammatically wrong english spoken,but with the crowd he was looking at,rest assured he wasnt going to be sneered at for his english!

then in came, my what a voice.perfectness everywhere.their guitarist /drummer/bassist were fantabulous.

he managed to play the psychedelic style of pink flyod with amazing grace.even the jal guitarist tried it but didnt reach that mark.

strings managed to woo the crowd with ease,firstly because of his numbers and secondly because he involved the crowd to sing.

now thats a perfect combination.

all in all a totally awesome performance!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

that 70s spyrit

our routine starts from disembarking the bus at income tax and then boarding a rickshaw to home.

so one fine evening we ask the driver if he is interested ,to which he agreed and when be boarded the my...what a place he had got there!

speakers - "neighbour's envy ,owner's pride" ,this anecdote gets its true meaning from here.
then there was this circular tube emitting blue colour and another one in the back.

the drivers area was stuffed with artificial flowers and stuff....looked nice though.he had carpeted the floor. and had seat covers as well.

now comes driver.well he has left no efforts on the vanity affair(for himself !)

this guy would be in the middle 40s or something,but hamare raja looks like the re-incarnation of dev anand himself.

dyed jet black hair,colourful shirt(literally) and neat shave and hair !

man watching him almost made us laugh.

but one thing is for sure...that guy had spirit.

once we reached my house,he said,"yahaan mein 15 minute pehle aaya tha".

talk about deja vu.


Saturday, January 21, 2006


come 2nd/4th saturday and its reporting season!

for the last couple of weeks,there has been a sudden rise in job interviews,through an outside consultant.the h.o.d has done a mark of a job i bringing companies to the campus.

yet my college lacks the sheen in the placement cell,they sincerely dont have an idea on what they are dealing with!

so today was one of those job interview days.our placement cell comes to know about it yesterday and we get to know about it today.

i rush to the place where the eligible candidate list was put up only to find that my name was no where on the list,though i was satisfying the criteria.i rushed to the p.c.(placement cell) and told him about this,to which he said ,call this guy up.i do it ,only to get a reply that he couldnt do anything ,the matter wasnt in his hands.i was like what the hell?

i talked with the p.c. sir again and he called up (using my friends cell phone!?!?) and says do it!and viola it gets done.

few hurdles arise but none too high to clear.

we rush up to the place at 1645 and the test started at 1735 and we were supposed to report at 1630.

now for the results!

of the 550 students appearing only 17 get selected ,15/16 of which are from the same college!

ummm.....who cares!i know i dont!consoling my friend ,we went roaming around in the city. :D

a similar rig scenario occured last week.tell you what,since the results are kinda fabricated,what's the point in going through all the work of getting the hall ticket and rushing to the place and what not!

well there is nothing you or me can do about it!


irrationality of the human mind!!!!!!!


must admit,i have become a bit lethargic in blogging!

so here goes an another endeavour to blog regularly.

i sincerely dont know ,how people think and what baffles me more is the things they think on!

my roomie ,who had secured in the same corporate house as me,was staying at my place,i offered him.

everything goes fine and then one fine day he says,'dude i 'm shifting!'

i am flabbergasted!and i say,"are you out of your mind?why do you want to shift,when you have a house here?"

still the reply was acceptable.he was suffering from a moral guilt of some sort,beats me though!

i tried to convince him,"dude,you are going to place ,where you have to pay for your food,no tv,where you have to pay for living in the house,whereas you get all that stuff here for free".money though wasnt my criteria but always makes a point.

and he again shyly responds with a very illogical reason and i shower profanities of him,cause he got was coming to him!

in this one month,i had accepted him as a family member and now he comes to me with this irrational behaviour.totally knocks you on the ground!!!

lets see if he really moves out tomorrow.

i just told him one thing:
if i know how to be a friend,i also know how to be otherwise!

i am totally upset with the events today!

good night!

Friday, January 13, 2006

the revolt of 1857....

well i know the title appeals the patriotism in any indian,but do they really know the real deal about it?

for that matter even i didnt know about it until a movie was made on it and then later on an article was published which shed light on this matter.

the movie was none other than the, then much awaited "mangal pandey".

the movie again tried to stir up the emotions or must i say sentiments by poking on the indian peoples hearts by showing something british.well they succeeded once,but not the second time.

this was an explanation given by the newspapers and you must admit they make a very valid point....

ok let me take back to an india where it was severely distributed into princely states,when there wasnt one nation.states battling against each other for supremacy.this is how the britishers managed to rule india.

this meant two things.
1.There was no India as a nation.
2.There was no patriotism for India as it didnt exist.

so who were all these magal pandeys....?

the newspapers termed them as mercenaries.
pretty obvious dont you think?

since there wasnt a nation,whom were they loyal to?
the highest bidder. they were just plain mercinaries who just happened to be at the right place at the right time only to get shot and get an instant ticket to fame and stardom.

might sound harsh,but makes a very valid point.

are we just worshipping a mercenary or a true patriot of India?

this is thedyood signing off