Saturday, December 10, 2005

3rd day on the job (read:internship :D)

so our internship has begun.

just the third day and you could say it spells fun.working under deadlines,given certain responsibility,seems so exciting,for now atleast,as we havent yet assigned anything.

our first day we were asked to read the details about the project and then since they dont like working on weekends,said,"come back on monday,then we shall have work for you! ):-]"

the facilities given to us are unlimited coffee/tea,subsidised food,which i think is good(taste wise),rest of them ,i havent found out yet.

plus you get to strut around with those plastic cards,which reads out "Associate",makes you feel like an important person ;),kinda like thedyood,tcs :D

well all in all,it is exciting.

coffee breaks will be a much more frequent event now ;).may be now i will understand the real deal behind "coffee breaks/water breaks" working in a corporate house.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

tales of the barberland

dec 6th,2005

well ....argh....i must admit ...lethargy has empowered me.....took me three days to muster up the strength to write this.

i guess this is going to change....after having secured internship at a corporate house.....the life i am leading now ,would be a mere fancy.

exams rocked! dunno why ,but they went nice this time around.

i think i have to tread very softly this semester ,with the prying eyes of the big boss on me and my friend.

one of the few amusing anecdotes i have heard in few days was on seinfeld.....

went something like this : men are obsessed with clevages as women are with shoes.

i took a survery totalling one individual and turns out seinfeld was good at observations!

this one happened to me in the barber shop.though my hair was decently medium size(for others hardly any) ,to kill time i walk to a barber shop.

now this guy makes full use of his shop..... to get a sneak peek at the girls passing by! what were you thinking ?

i was worrying ,because of his distraction ,he wouldnt mess up with my hair.fortunately his scissors were resting.

after that,one of his chums drops by.they begin a conversation.
funny how people use different techniques to identify people.

my barber friend here was asking his you know that guy?
his friend says ,"yea that splendour fellow".
barber says ,"no he has an activa",
friend,"oh ,must have changed the vehicle",
barber goes,"heh,you dont know that guy ..... ok tell me ,what is his hair style?"

i stumbled after hearing this....

i aint gonna go there again.... he asked me at the start "saheb,kaisi cut karvani hai?" ,to which i reply,"thode chhote kar dena...aur kuch nahi" and replied "ji saheb".

but that wasnt the end of his questions.....dozen followed....and i couldnt get his tongue ....and thats when i decided i had enough of his antics...he was a total nutcase! throughout my session he was continuously jabbering on and on.......

i dont have thing more to scribble so....i will get back to you asap,dont try to call me ,i will call you ;)