Sunday, March 25, 2007

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

imagine- john lennon

i had this wonderful opportunity to see the documentary on the life on John Lennon. and who better could be relating it than John himself!

i guess divorce, troubled childhood and drugs are something that a successful musician must have gone through. i have yet to come across a musician who is successful and hasn't gone through any of the above!

as the world remembers gandhi for his stand with non violence, john lennon is remembered for his effort to spread world peace.

having girls go la la over you at a youthful age of 20s or even in the teens, can fill an individual with arrogance and reckless disregard for anything. but there was something different about john. simplicity pervaded through him and his stardom didn't seem affect his thoughts / motives. he tried to live like a normal man, pursue his interests.

but then things weren't so simple for him. he was caught up in the mania that was "The Beatles". a tumultuous world in a way. with the fame that he achieved anything that he said was something sort of a dogma. often misconstrued, his statements provoked widespread discontent, yet that didn't seem to affect even a little bit of his position in the hearts of his people.

he had this down to earth disposition which you would fail to see in other celebrities, to the extent that he suggested one of his followers to get a real life rather than following him as he meticulously explained that it wasn't doing any good to him. strange eh? who would turn down a fan?

after the beatles split up, he concentrated his life in spreading the message of peace. sadly though he was assassinated, just because there was a consensus that he was responsible for "splitting up" the beatles by introducing yoko ono.

an defiant spirit who was his own master.

his song imagine still resonates in many a people.

imagine- its easy if you try...