Friday, June 30, 2006

dont you wish you were an animal

this conversation speaks for itself:

f: who all are around ya
M: rxxxxxxxxxx
f: doing?
M: reading
f: reading wat? how to become a porn star in 21 days?
f: tip #1 become a transvestite
f: if u r a male
f: :)
M: well he is surely not a male
f: male sex of an animal
f: tip#2 if u are a male...and an animal...ur a hit
f: especially if a horse,dog,pig
M: i'll persude him to try tht
M: mention not
f: that will get him excited
f: proceed at ur risk
M: after all wat are friends fr
f: friends are for taking it on camera
M: and then selling it to pron sites
f: yea....
M: nobody is going to watch rxxxxxxxxxx's video
f: except real despos?
f: i mean animals
M: like?
f: na..they get it all the time
f: thats what they live for
f: eat fuck sleep
M: wish i was among them
f: yup thats the life

note:this conversation doesnt imply that f wants to be a pornstar

tv tv tv

everybody knows the fact that tv has revolutionzied our has influenced our thinking here is some evidence that further supports the fait accompli.

it was a the 29th of june and i was talking to a friend of mine and this is how it turns out,an excerpt:

d : su kare che tu
f : nothing
d : akkal uncle hai tu bhi
f : thanks for recognizing it
d : uncle uncle........icecream lekarr dona
f : tune pepsodent se brush nahi kiya isliye no ice cream
d : colgate........bharitiya dentists ki no.1 pasand
f : yea cause dentists dont like ice cream
d : be not dentist
f : but u dont brush with pepsodent
d : uncle........2 baar colgate karron.....phir icecream
f : colgate!=pepsodent
d : exactly
d : colgate>pepsodent
d : in terms of efficiency
f : if u dont want to eat ice craem
f : ever seen an ad of colgates that has ice craem in it
f : where as pepsodent publicly declares u acn eat ice cream after pepsodent

there you have it,the glaring proof how tv has made an impact on us.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hole in my soul

Hole In My Soul

by Aerosmith

I'm down a one way street
With a one night stand
With a one track mind
Out in no man's land
(The punishment sometimes don't seem to fit the crime)

Yeah there's a hole in my soul
But one thing I've learned
For every love letter written
There's another one burned
(So tell me how it's gonna be this time)

Is it over
Is it over
Is it over
'Cause I'm blowin'out the flame

Take a walk outside your mind
Tell me how it feels to be
The one who turns the knife inside of me
Take a look and you will find there's nothing there girl
Yeah I swear, I'm telling you girl yeah 'cause
There's a hole in my soul that's been killing me forever
It's a place where a garden never grows
There's a hole in my soul, yeah I should have known better
'Cause your love's like a thorn without a rose

I'm as dry as a seven year drought
I got dust for tears
Yeah I'm all tapped out
(Sometimes I feel broken and can't get fixed)

I know there's been all kinds of shoes underneath your bed
Now I sleep with my boots on but you're still in my head
(And something tells me this time I'm down to my last licks)
'Cause if it's over
Then it's over
And it's driving me insane

Is it over
Yeah it's over
And I'm blowin' out the flame

Take a walk outside your mind
Tell me how it feels to be
The one who turns the knife inside of me
Take a look and you will find
There's nothing there girl, yeah, I swear
I'm telling you girl yeah 'cause there's a hole in my soul
That's been killing me forever
It's a place where a garden never grows there's a hole in my soul,
Yeah I should have known better
'Cause your love's like a thorn
Without a rose


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

football fever

if there has to be a game that is as undecisive and furtive as future is,then without no doubt it has got to be football .

i was watching the france vs spain match today and was it a treat for the football fans galore.i was unable to catch the start but found it to be racy till the end.every moment spectated wonderful display of skill.

the stadium echoed with the chants of the fans and sweat poured off the temples of the coaches,each of them yelling out instructions to god knows whom.the expectations and the dismay of the coaches was too good to miss either.this match also marked the last match for zizou(i think).this guy is god for the french and it is a well known fact.

the spainards scored through a penalty shoot early in the match.this seemed to deter the french or so the spainards thought.striking back the french impaled the spainard defence and scored the goal just before half time.

second half and the tension was tangible,the atmosphere electric.both the teams were even and hence one had to score to edge out a victory,who was it going to be was the question repeatedly put forward by the commentators.

then came the header by viera of the zidane free kick,which i guess was further nudged by the spanish striker and that lead to the second goal.

minutes went by ,till there was only 3 minutes on the clock.the french had just to hold on. the spainard offense was now coming out of their hibernation and tried to penetrate the french defense but in vain.

3 minutes overtime and at 92" struck the maestro himself with a goal and in style to make a score of 3-1.story over,the spainards could do nothing but mutely spectate the damage done by the french.

all in all ,it was a terrific match.100% had action and anguish .well, i for one caught on the football fever.

well i am going watch the highlights now.

good day.