Monday, October 31, 2005


time was when chetan bhagat was brewing up his first book -"5.someone" and sent it to the publishing houses ,and when it landed on my hands and which made him an instant icon to all the bunkers in india and abroad(though most of it was characterized by fiction,nevertheless,wasnt pulp fiction either)

page after page,it revealed the notorious >:) escapades of the trio .they enjoyed life to the fullest ,taking as it came,booze,bunks....they lived it good!

well after i was done with the book,i pondered ,"they have something to remember by for the rest of their lives",i too,in a way like the countless others was inspired by the book,not to indulge in any notorious escapades,but to do something that would be emblazened in my memory for the rest of my life.

little did i know,my prayers were answered!by satan.

i screwed up my 6th semester,or so people say,i have no regrets.had one funny escapade.i was a proud member of brotherhood of bunkers -a fictious group made up by us bunkers and yet manage to elude the ever stretching claws of the detain list.

then came the dreaded 7th was kewl,kalm and kasual as you would have wanted it to be.bunks were regular,life graph showed a gain in the fun area and marks were being scored on a decent level.what more could a guy ask for......

then ...dawned the dreaded last week of the semester!this week spectated a flurry of events and clearly outlined the people with a stable mentality and those under clinically insane!

the last week summed up for the entire college period ,i guess.and now when i think of it,i can only break a and my pal , for sure wont forget that week for the rest of our lives,a harrowing week.

"5.someone" had a happy ending.....well this story is yet to have one.but in a way,i guess i already have ,with great friends by my side.

so as you finish reading this,ask your self ,"what have you done ,to remember the college days?" and you will start thinking!

so you want to just an another brick in the wall,or a 5.someone who lives by his own rules!

your call....

Friday, October 28, 2005

call of duty @ LoC

earth grew angry again and she displayed her wrath by a colossal earthquake,which cast a shadow of doom upon everyone.

the epicentre was in pakistan.regions near it were severely affected as well.

well now,why is a recapitulation of the news?i dunno,just like that!i had read an article in the week ,which prompted me to pen it down here.

the article talked about the devastating earthquake(obviously),then it turned to the rehabilitation part.this event occured so close to the dreaded LoC(it affected parts of India too) ,that it forced the involvment of both the countries-two warring nations.

the indian defence was swift in action and started the rescue had done it job par excellente(the indian army is considered to be the best diaster management agency).remarked an affected villager,there had been no army on the "other" side of the border.seemed like they deserted the dead and the injured ,right when they needed help.

little activity was shown from their side.the pakistan high commissioner aziz ahmed khan called up our prime minister mammohan singh to tell him that he was worried that india would play the propoganda war,to which the latter comforted him with no.

a sore point however was pakistan's rejection to india's proposal to send soldiers to the other side of the LoC to search for victims.they say nobody lives at the LoC,but reality speaks otherwise.

the indian defence refused to comment on the rescue operations on the other side(they hadnt seen any).quoted was one air force officer,"we didnt talk to them before bringing our helicopters so close to the LoC,neither did they protest or query".

we are talking about an area where even a truck from the other side seen close enough is open for gun this very area sees convoy bringing in supplies.

the helicopters are allowed till 1km to the LoC and fighter crafts till 5k.m. The brigadiers who were constantly on the watch for an enemy movement were now constantly in touch ,sharing information about the rescue operations.

one thing we are forgetting over here arent we.yes,the militants,what about them?this area is the fertile grounds for them.they too havent been spared.much of their infrastructure has been damaged and now they are on the run.

there have been no militant ambush of any sort,for if they did,they would betray the motive they were working for(to give the villagers their rights,is what they say) and then the villagers would go against the militant activity has been an all time low.

suprisingly the united jihad council,an amalgam of the militants has ordered them to go for rescue operations.a militant was blurting out orders for rescue operations through a satellite phone.strange developments!said the militant ,"we are fighting a different kind of jihad by helping people in the hour of need."

a host of other rescue missions are also underway,but i wanted to put the spotlight on the behaviour of the two nations.

along the line,where going stray would spell death,through the hidden bunkers were the watchful eagle eyes monitoring your every breath,today is seeing a different act all together.

perhaps this earthquake was meant to be.if the nations couldnt settle through a dialogue,guess somebody else took the matter into his/her/its own hands and so far ,it seems ,everything is going according to plan.

it had a heavy bill though!


Sunday, October 16, 2005

the dragon slayer

this is a story.
a fiction.
has nothing chained with reality.

aeons ago,where the sword spoke of the valor and charisma of the knight and dragons roamed freely ,there lived a group of knights.amongst the group was a dark knight.this dark knight was enchanted by the damsels of the jilted he would pimp any of his trustworthy friends to place himself in the limelight of the fair damsels and gain their acceptance,which he was furiously trying to gain ,with little progress.

now....the scene goes to a tournament held by the lord of the land.anyone who wanted to come in the eye of the crowd and the lord had to participate here.and so did every knight,including the dark knight who wanted to woo the damsels.also participating were another group of knights who were known for their dexterity in handling the sword.

the dark knight ,by hook or crook ,wanted to win the tournament .so he decided to trap a fellow knight and win the match.however a white knight got a whiff of this and reported it to the higher authorities.

this white knight was a friend of the black knight.but justice be done ,he duly reported what he knew of.enraged the officials disqualified him from the tournament and this caused him(the black knight) public humiliation.

wounds fresh,the black knight decided to reply -eye for an eye or two eyes! blood of the white knight would only quench his revenge!

the black knight contacted a nacromencer and he concocted a potion which would drug a dragon to heed the orders of the drugger.he also poisoned the ears of the damsels against the white knight and in rage the damsels ordered a strict punishment to the white knight.

the white knight was oblivious of these developments and was practising for his match the next day.a messenger ,a close aide of the white knight told him of this.his skin grew pale and gaped on how to deal with this.the move was to be made by the black knight and all the white knight could do ,was defend of all possible deathly moves.

he tried to talk to the black knight and the damsels but his talk fell to deaf ears.he could never hold up against the drugged dragon and the score of knights coming for him.

in this hour of need,all his close aides viz.the blue knight and the red knight and the green knight teamed up and encouraged the white knight.

the white knight backed up by his aides drew their swords,which glistened in the moonlight ,and showed the poor dragon a brutal death.

the next target was the black knight who was commanding a regiment.this was a helpless situation.the 4 knights were utterly helpless against a huge army.

the white knight decided to negotiate with the black one with an offer to take his place in the tournament ,again no use!

serendipitously ,the damsels got a whiff of the insidious plot of the black knight.the news reached the white knight ,and the black knight as well.

with a war cry that would shudder all the corners of the earth,the white knight along with his close aides marched upto the black knight was given 2 choices. give up peacefully use force

seeing the tides turning against him,the black knight gave up .he was osctrasized from the land and died due to lonliness.

what happened to the white knight ,the damsels,and the other aides of the white knight?

they became friends ,closer friends and peace prevailed !

think this is a corny story,people i know wont swing that way ;)

i like writing stories.
this is no different.




hmpf.... it is

due to severly unforeseen circumstances ,my earlier blog had to be stripped off from the net.

it sure stirred up a quiet riot!

a sad thing to happen,many memories too got eroded due to it.

no matter!

as the phoenix rises from the ashes ,so shall this blog!

so in the spirit of my previous blog ,


keep watching this space for more ;)