Tuesday, April 28, 2009

guess the song

haha, well i bumped into this amazing song on youtube ( as always and i kept listening to it for couple of hours now). in an attempt not to destroy the song, i try to translate it into english, and hopefully you should get the song. i have stripped few lines from the song as they give it away.

i am all alone in this world,
vacant is my heart and house,
but in it will live a fortunate,
whosoever wants to see me,
comes whenever they want to see me,

right here right now,
i have noticed somebody,
yes noticed, certainly noticed somebody,
she is giving me those vibes,
but then may be she is afraid of someone.
scared, petrified.

how would a scared one love?
i like someone who isnt,
whosoever wants to see me,
comes whenever they want to see me,

there are the rich and famous here, but do always remember,
yes remember, do remember,
though there are the rich and famous here,
true love is the wealth which the poor have,
the rest is just a matter of chance,
these matters of the heart,
are the most beautiful in the world,
alas,but how would these wealthy understand?

whosoever wants to see me,
comes whenever they want to see me,

i think i did a decent job, considering the short span of time i did it in. can you guess the name of the song?

leave it as a comment.


-edit-thu 30 apr 2009-

i massacred the song, sigh

Friday, April 24, 2009

longest two minutes

metrosexual: just because a man likes to take care of himself doesn't mean he is gay anymore - southpark

so taking influence from this statement and owing to the ample amount of free time i have at my disposal, i set out to do just that. what you may ask? being metro sexual that is, to the most extent possible, my will permitted. now i didnt actually knew what the term meant and hence i decided to get the word on the street about metrosexuality.

apparently, it turns out that the only other people who are as free as i am are homeless people. at an intersection, i asked one homeless guy, what does it mean to be a metrosexual. i don't know how but soon enough the central theme was of his donkey named jesse and an onion. so i then went to the university village, at around lunch, as it was a host to college students and people with "different" lifestyles. i noticed a guy who was groomed and decided to ask him, what metrosexuality meant to him. and this is what i got, " get on with the times girlfriend, metrosexual is soooo 2005. these days you switch your lifestyle altogether and express yourself more freely."

okaaaaay. my luck! the first time i try to take a survey amongst the people and i bump into a gay guy making advances on me. needless to say, i ran away - to the other side of the pavement. here was a welcoming change. a couple of girls were walking towards me. my thinking was, if anybody knew about grooming, it would be them. not because how they looked :D but because grooming, in my ignorant? opinion is a girl thing :D.

so i waited for them, not staring at them ( you dont want to scare them away!) and when they were at earshot, i put forward this question. now as straightforward and simple this question seemed, they just giggled and walked away.

puzzled, i thought to answer the question myself. what would one look at when you see somebody. my instinct told me, apart from the handsome face would be the hair. that seemed to be a reasonable conclusion. so i rushed to superior ( a super market) near by and headed for the shampoo counter.

seeing the options that i was given, i decided to buy a moisturizer. and eventually i chose the pantene pro v ( that strengthens my hair 10x times and is a daily moisture something) moisturizer. i must admit it was the 10x thing that lured me to buy it, not the moisturizer part. a first step "forward", i thought. as soon as i reached home, i headed for the shower.

as a staunch believer in rules, i read the instructions behind the back of the moisturizer bottle. it said take sufficient quantity, rinse your head with it and wait for two minutes. the bottle held high up in the air with two hands, as if performing a ritual, i said, " to metro-sexuality" and poured some on my hand and rinsed it. now i don't know about you guys, but those were the longest two minutes ever. it seemed like eternity and then soon enough i lost my patience. i think i am determined enough but the 2 minute wait wore me out. minutes later i found myself ensconced on the bed, the moisturizer in the drain and my will that had given up the idea to discover "metro-sexuality".

yet again, this new found fickle fad sits atop the pile of to do things before i die, which is a host for the flies. that said i think i have a new fad coming along, if only i could put my finger on it.

so nowadays you would find me smelling fresh ( thanks only to the deodorant). the rest of the whole bathing, cleaning is a sham that i will not partake in.

so until next time, fruit cake


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


arms shackled by the leather straps bound tightly to restrict any movement. the room didn't seem to embrace the light from the flickering bulb hanging from the ceiling. as the rusted hinges set out to work together with restrain, and opening the door, in came the gentlemen in white uniforms helped daniel stand up. the drab combination of pale green and white on the corridor walls wasnt an uplifting sight. the journey ended in another room with a table, two chairs and a lamp far brighter than the earlier one.

daniel sat down, a little restless, and the gentlemen who brought him there ushered themselves out. he saw himself facing a lady doctor. he felt they werent the only people in the room. jordan a well built man, jack a neurotic, joey a punk, janice a teen, jenna a school girl and jim a bum were all there too. he didnt feel alone. she started by asking daniel, "who are you?". " i am jordan and you have no right to keep me here", came the reply from jordan and daniel in a gruff voice. "i am not asking you!", said the doctor. looking at daniel, "now what is your name?", she asked again. jack came the answer. followed by joey, jim, jenna, janice, jordan, jack and daniel fighting with himself everytime and reciting their names than his own. soon enough the calmness in the room was gave in to chaos, with each one shouting their name unison, more aggressively each time.

"ENOUGH!", shouted the doctor, "we have to work together if you want him to get out.", pointing at daniel. gaining her composure and restoring silence, she asked again, " what is your name?" jenna started singing and with daniel in unison , " row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merryly merryly merryly merryly, life is but a d...", at which daniel hesitated and jenna stopped. the doctor interjected, " does it begin with a d?" no answer. "do you think it begins with a d?", she asked again, only to be replied by silence. "does your name begin with a D?" she asked firmly. daniel now gaining a better hold of himself and much calmer, said "daniel, my name is daniel."

with that all other members but the doctor and daniel, went away as though vanishing into thin air. the lady doctor then stood up from her chair, walked upto daniel to compliment him. in came another doctor who seemed to be pre-occupied with thoughts and sat on the chair facing daniel. as the doctor shifted his spectacles, he browsed through daniel's records and looked up. he started, "so daniel, you know you are up for a review next week. if your behavior is good, you will go free. so lets begin. how are you feeling, daniel?" with her right hand on daniel's left shoulder, the lady doctor and daniel said in unison in daniel's voice, " I feel fine doctor."


1. for those who didn't get the plot, the protagonist suffers from mpd ( multiple personality disorder).
2. the lady doctor was also a part of daniel's personality.

Monday, April 06, 2009

one of the most fabulous songs, i am so floored: