Sunday, August 10, 2008

of alcohol and inhibitions

inhibitions. one of the occasions where you experience this is while dancing. not everybody does, but quite a many do. they have this notion of being the laughing stock just because they dont know how to hit the beat.

i went to a club with other day and found people usually in pairs dancing, which was very sexually oriented. nothing wrong with that. they are only laying the foundation for the rest of the night. and so quite a lot of the moves turned out to be really crazy / simple moves that actually dont require any skill.

now one thing that can make you loose your inhibitions is alcohol. whether you like it or not, alcohol just shuts those centres in the brains off and lets you lose. this actually is the best preparation you can have before you go to dance, in case you have any inhibitions. and even if you dont, you can down a drink or two and just go hopping around the floor.

not that i was shy, i still downed a jack and coke and hurled myself at the dance floor, doing mindless stuff basically, but at that point you really dont care what you are doing as long as you are shaking your hips and hands.

so that was one of the occasions i shall remember and will continue to do that. getting high ( no, 1 drink is far to less for me to get high) and senseless jumping is way too much fun. of the other things that i like is to walk after you are REALLY high, on the roads with a group. the antics that happen can be enjoyed only when you are drunk especially when you see a cop. and since we are in a foreign land, we put our fingers on the lips and go F-1 International obedient student whenever we see a cop nearby.

so drink up and enjoy life!