Sunday, April 30, 2006

back with a bang(again)

as mundane and xeroxed the title may sound ,its true!no really!

well ,i am must admit ,i havent done any justice to blogging.starting it and desolating it,literally then again starting it and then quitting it.well now there is a surge again to blog and hopefully should persist :D.

orkut seems to be the buzz word lately.a lot of people pouring in and getting in touch with their long lost friends and then feeling happy about it and then really doing nothing.

its an absolute way to pass your time,productively or unproductively is for you to decide.

it seems to be a nice medium to exchange thoughts ,but i do always feel a bit skeptical about it.i dunno the reason ,but i do.

for those unaware i got myself a new guitar,yea its an ibanez and purrs like a cat and roars like a lion.did i mention an ipod nano?

they are with me for quite sometime now.

blogging too wasnt left out from this mad schizophernia.

i dunno what the next wave would be.

well on this note.....i hope for yet another beginning in blogging!

too da loo