Monday, September 28, 2009

hell with it

why are we so worried about going to hell? dont we have enough challenges here that we have to worry about? why worry about something that may or may not exist?

apu and the simpsons

what havent the simpsons taught us? this multi-emmy award winning show has showcased the true american culture with tact,wit and humor.

yesterday when i was doing something important ( actually i was peeing, in a motel, that was owned by a fellow indian), i realised something. something very interesting. it is common knowledge that simpsons are the longest running tv sitcom in history. one of the characters in the simpsons is Apu ( who is an indian). i cross checked this with wiki and turns out that Apu was first seen in an episode around 1990. that makes you think now, doesn't it ? the influence of the indians working in convenience stores must have been so strong that they just had to introduce an indian character in a convenience store. which consequently means that we had already made an imprint then, when, atleast i thought, it was then the migration had just started.