Wednesday, February 01, 2012

you do this to me everytime

its been over a month here in india and seeing the end of my stay in sight, a weird feeling of nostalgia has taken over me. this has been perhaps my longest stay after i moved out of the country. i am sure anybody, native, who comes to visit this country always feels this way on his / her way back. i had a really good company of friends. a lot of good nights out having fun in one form or the other. then again, i was at home so there is that feeling. but i think most of all that i would miss is my identity of an indian. out here i share a common identity. i don't have to make an effort to establish that identity which has been ingrained in me since my childhood. i am at ease.

after staying for so long and then visiting for short durations it gets you. first foot into the country and you see her mischievous smile and eyes as if asking where have i been all this long. and then of course when you try to get re-acquainted with her you notice that she is not what your memory had her to be. she has changed in countless ways without you and expects you to make the effort to familiarize yourself with her. and just when you are getting comfortable with her you are all set to head back from where you once came, leaving an unfinished conversation with her. and that is all you'll get.

you will take this unfinished conversation and yearn to finish it, perhaps the next time.alas! that is a lie and you don't acknowledge it to be a lie....

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